If looking for an honest, reliable and friendly roofing company

… look no further than Triton Roofing. After extensive research of several Colorado Springs-area roofing companies to include reviews, estimates and personal discussions with company personnel, Triton Roofing easier emerged at the top. Todd, Justin and Neekoh consistently demonstrated extensive knowledge and professional courtesy before, during and after the project, both on-site and at their office. They patiently answered every one of my long list of detailed questions and worked within my time line to complete the project. The on-site roofing crew exhibited top-notch professionalism and workmanship as well as consideration to my family and property. Highly recommend calling Todd and Justin, and choosing Triton Roofing if you want quality product, warranty, value and end-to-end personal customer service.
Tom G.

Triton was referred to us and we are grateful.

Triton Roofing is a terrific company. Todd and Justin are friendly, knowledgeable professionals. The roofing crew worked hard and cleaned up at the end of the day/job completely. The communication and time-line was excellent. We are pleased with the quality of roof material/work, warranty and the price (quality/value). Triton adds the finishing touches that make a difference in the overall look/quality of the roof. Triton was referred to us and we are grateful.

We fully recommend Triton Roofing!

The Freeman Family.

Great Job Done

Thanks to everyone for a great job done. Also, a special "thank you" to Justin + Jennifer who we dealt with directly. You certainly will be recommended to others from us.
Don + Carol

Wounded Warrior Project

I couldn't be a happier customer! Contracting for repairs can be stressful, but Triton Roofing took care of everything in a most professional manner. Justin and Jennifer kept us informed and made us feel confident during the whole process. We truly admire this company's commitment to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Professional Servicce

Impressed! I just want to say how impressed I am with the professional service I received from your company. Thank you Justin and Todd for always being available to answer questions during this process. You provided expert advice and the outcome was exceptional. I feel very fortunate that I chose your company to replace my roof.

Warmest Regards,

Jon S.
Colorado Springs

A great company

A great company to work with! I chose Triton based on a rave I read on Craigslist and my experience was just as good. Justin B. is a real nice guy to work with and shows the highest level of commitment to excellence in roofing but even more importantly, customer service... I had ZERO problems with the installation of a new roof to replace my hail damaged one. The crew was in and out in a day and did such a great job cleaning up after themselves that I wouldn't have known a roof was installed had it not been for the sound of hammering during the day. I highly recommend Triton Roofing!

Great Service

Triton Roofing has provided us great service, in an exceptionally timely manner. They went out of the way to help a fellow veteran. I would highly recommend their roofing service to all, as you will not receive any better quality service. They are friendly and easy to work with to solve your problem.

Very Professional

Triton Roofing was great to work with. Very Professional. Things were done in a timely and orderly fashion. I happen to have three roofs on the same property and when the crew was done for the day they made sure everything (trash, tools, Most Important Nails ) was picked up and safe. Plus they were very fast to get the job complete 2 ½ days. Even when they did the estimate they took the time to really explain my options, how to work with and talk with the insurance adjuster. Getting comparison quotes from other roofers was almost painful and a waste of time. And I was not worried about price or quality it is just what you do when getting a new roof, get 3 or 4 quotes. I am very pleased with Triton Roofing and Highly, Highly Recommend Todd and Justin. I now have a roof that looks Great and will last for years because of the attention to details when installing the roof.

Thanks Again

Pat Idoux


One Word describes Triton Roofing, Outstanding! We asked friends about a reputable roofing company and one friend recommended Triton, so we called. We had an Outstanding pre-installation meeting with Justin. He has superior knowledge of Roofing and answered all of our questions. He also recommended two different color schemes and explained how the right color will really affect the "look of the house" as you drive by. He was spot-on! Our new roof really brings "the look" to a whole new level in our neighborhood. There were no up-front costs like the fly-by-night out of town companies you read about in the paper! They invoice the insurance company for you for final payment. They follow up: Jen called to ask how the workers did and if everything was to our satisfaction. Unbelievable work ethic regarding taking care of our ... Outstanding!

They follow up: Jen called to ask how the workers did and if everything was to our satisfaction. Unbelievable work ethic regarding taking care of our property; we didn't realize they had been there upon arriving home the first or second night; because it was so clean around our house! Bottom Line with Triton: They deliver; they don't' just "Talk the Talk," they "Walk the Walk!" It is refreshing to work with a company like Triton!

Rick A. USAF Ret.

I feel very comfortable referring Triton Roofing

I have known Todd Dorpinghaus for a few years now. I met him while working for a realtor. I was in need of some roof repair work and hadn’t used a roofer before, so I wasn’t sure who was reputable. Living high up on a hill, our house gets the full brunt of the strong winds and wind gusts that Colorado often gets. As it turns out, we’ve needed roof repairs several times each year, usually in different spots. Todd’s company, Triton Roofing, was recommended as a roofing service we should try, so we did.

Todd has not only proven to do great work, but he provides great customer service. He tries to get out to my house as soon as possible, before we get more wind damage and a bigger area to repair or before it rains in case the exposed area should leak. He also warranties his work, so if we lose shingles in an area he’s already repaired within a year, he will repair it at no cost. He’s also provided overall maintenance on our roof as a preventative by walking the entire roof to look for spots that could be problem areas when we get more wind. He has put additional nails in areas he felt needed it. Apparently whoever put the roof on this house used the bare minimum of nails per shingle, which is a big factor in us losing whole sections of shingles when we get strong wind. I have no doubt that had Todd put the roof on, we would not be having this problem, but our home is only 7 years old, so a new roof will not be necessary for quite a while.

I feel very comfortable referring Triton Roofing to anyone in need of either roof repairs, inspections, warranties or a new roof. I would be happy to speak to anyone wishing to talk further.


Debbie Miller

The right roofer for the job

My roof was recently damaged by hail and wind; consequently, I wanted to be sure I got the best possible repair/roof. Researching and evaluating roofing vendors, I found Triton Roofing and immediately I knew I had found the right roofer for the job. Justin’s enthusiasm for roofing is hard to match. His expertise in all styles of roofing gave me the confidence I needed to move forward with my new roof. The job he and his crew did was outstanding. Their combined expertise and work ethic were a pleasure to watch. My roof looks wonderful! I am delighted to recommend Triton Roofing to everyone.
Pete Pierluissi
Colorado Springs, CO

I Highly Recommend Triton Roofing

Recently my home was hit hard by one of the summer Colorado hail storms and I needed my roof replaced. I had several of the out of town roofers knock on my door but I decided to go with Triton roofing because they were very knowledgeable and they were local and thus could be easily reached in the future. They helped explain the insurance process with me and then worked around my schedule to get my roof installed and it looks great. If you want an honest, hard working, go the extra mile kind of company doing your roof then go with Triton Roofing.
Dustin S.
Colorado Springs (Briargate) September 14, 2010

Outstanding Service and Job

Triton recently replaced a 20+ year old roof on my house. Justin and Todd were both extremely knowledgeable about what needed to be done and how to do it. They kept appointments and timetables, something I know other roofers I had contacted did not do. I was kept in the loop on schedule progression, deliveries and follow-up. On the day of the job, the crew was on time and got right to work. The job was completed (including removal and haul away of 2 layers of old roof) in a day. When they left, the job site was clean and I had the best looking roof of any house around. Triton was honest, cost effective and did an excellent job. I will not hesitate to recommend them to anyone needing a 1st rate roofing contractor and an outstanding roofing job done at a reasonable price.
Mike B.
Pueblo September 14, 2010

Research Pays Off

I'm just in the process of having Triton perform the re-roofing of my house located in PineCreek. I did extensive homework to find a reputable company and even considered going with the company (Old World) that replaced it three years ago. I found the vetting to be most pushy, heavy-handed and lacking of customer service from many competitors. Both Jason and Todd simply laid out their process, credentials allowing ME to make the decision myself. No pressing for insurance paperwork until I felt comfortable sharing it with them. Quite refreshing. So far I'm pleased with my choice and I have relayed this to several neighbors who are also entertaining their service. Stay tuned for a future post on their progress and workmanship.
Rick T.
Colorado Springs September 27, 2010

Right Kind of Roof for Our House

Working with Justin to get the right kind of roof for our house was great, he laid out all the choices, and we ended up going with a class IV roof. The roof was done in one day, cleanup was great. The inspection was done by the manufacturer, and there was one more thing that needed to be done, and that work was completed within a few hours. Our overall experience was great. We did end up going elsewhere for gutters, but working with Justin was great. My roof looks fantastic!

Mary Wolcott

Good, Honest Service

Incredible Service! Triton fixed a roof design flaw which was causing leaks and lots of headaches. Our house was built in 1974, with one of the roof pitches terminating in a 10-foot wide chimney. As the roof aged, leaks developed where the roof met the chimney, especially after a wet snow, as the snow and runoff would collect in this area.

After consulting with several roofers, I tried several times to waterproof or seal the area with no success. From the beginning, Todd and Justin from Triton Roofing made it clear that while I should definitely try the inexpensive, "Band-Aid" solutions first, they likely would not work, and that the correct way to fix the problem permanently was to install a "cricket" - a smaller, perpendicular roof pitch which would force runoff around the chimney instead of allowing it to collect. Surprisingly, Triton was the only roofing company of those I asked who made this suggestion.

To complicate the project, the chimney itself is faced with irregular, brittle stone. It would not be fun to remove, it would probably crumble as it was removed (it did) so would need to be replaced, and it would be difficult to match. But aside from that, the project itself was pretty small, thus would not generate a lot of income for the contractor. All in all, we were talking about a project that would be very tedious and aggravating, take valuable resources off of other projects, and yet would provide very little payoff. I, personally, most likely would have passed on the opportunity if I were in the roofing business.

But that's where Triton really stood apart from their competition. Todd and Justin both understood exactly what needed to be done, and worked with me to deliver the correct solution to the problem while keeping the cost very reasonable. Naturally, none of this is covered by insurance. Triton's workmanship is absolutely superb. They perfectly matched the existing roof, and the stone! The cricket they installed looks like it was part of the original design, and it works flawlessly. Their crew was prompt, courteous and professional, and left the work area cleaner than they found it. I could not be happier with how this project turned out.

On top of the incredible service I had received up to that point, Todd and Justin both called several times during the ensuing wet season to make sure I had no leaks. What other company does that?

To summarize, Triton delivers the kind of good, honest service that seemingly became extinct a couple decades ago. I wouldn't think about going anywhere else.

Jeff Walker

Went Above and Beyond

Complete re-roof: removed and disposed of existing woodshake shingles and replaced with GAF hail resistant shingles. I live in Mountain Shadows and God must have been watching over our house. We dodged a bullet and our house survived the Waldo Canyon fires; I was still a proud owner of a 20 year old wood shake roof.

I setup an appointment to get an estimate on removing/replacing the roof with an asphalt composite. I went to Angie’s List and searched out 3 roofing companies, looking at only “A” ratings and read through homeowner comments. Also if there were any complaints filed with BBB. In my opinion, the one that stood out was Triton Roofing, so I called and requested an estimate to be performed. They sent out Neekoh and he arrived on time, wasted no time getting on the roof and accessed/measured the existing roof. Once completed, he brought in his sample boards and provided me his recommendations of roofing material - which happened to be “GAF”. I had ALOT of questions and we discussed each option. He provided me estimates for each one and explained in detail the differences.

I told him that the other roofers recommended Owens Corning. I had to ask why should I choose GAF over Owens Corning and he proceeded to give me a course on the GAF installation of the roofing system, the technology being used and what type of training their company had to go through to be certified. I was impressed, but the kicker was the 10 year warranty on workmanship/labor, the others only offered 5 years. Also, not sure if the others do this, but he mentioned that after the job was completed he would QA the work and made sure that perimeter of the house was cleaned up and free of nails, roofing material (old and new) and anything that may look out of place. I don’t remember them saying they would be do this.

That night, I compared Triton’s estimate against the others; I was trying to compare apples-to-apples and it was hard since each had a different flavor of contract. So I called Neekoh and had him come back and compare the contracts in detail. What was Triton going to perform compared to what the others were? He reviewed each contract and he pointed out what the differences were. I decided to go with Triton Roofing.

We set up a date for after the holidays; about 2 weeks in the future, so that the workers could enjoy the holidays and the weather would warm up. I was OK with that since there was no urgency to get the roof done. After the holidays, Neekoh called me and he told me that the materials were being ordered, someone from the office would be calling to give me the dates of when the materials were going to be delivered, and when work was to start. Received the call as expected and they advised me of the dates and times of each task. I asked if I had to be present for either one, and they said no.

The roofing materials were delivered and loaded on the roof with no problems. The following day, the workers showed up around 8am (on time as promised), according to my daughter. Later in the day, when I was coming up on the house, the roof looked finished! I was amazed that it could be done in a day. I arrived around 4:30pm in the late afternoon and the workers were cleaning up. I spoke with the foreman and he told me that it was between 90 to 95 percent completed and they had a couple of areas left to finish, would be back the next morning to finish up.

The next day they arrived as promised and completed the unfinished areas and painted the vent pipes to match the color of the roof. During the day, Neekoh called me to meet and perform his QA of the roof. He checked the perimeter of the house for debris; picked up a couple of pieces of old roofing paper that was missed due to being hidden on the deck rafters. Gave me his stamp of approval.

In my opinion, all the work was done professionally and the debris removed. The work looks great with a great warranty. Neekoh was great to work with, very professional and he took the time to answer ALL of my questions. This was a great experience and I would definitely recommend both TRITON ROOFING and NEEKOH TABLATE as the point of contact for your roofing needs!

Another positive for Triton Roofing; the commitment to the Wounded Warrior project which is a great cause to raise awareness and enlist the public's aid for the needs of injured service members. I have been fortunate to be a volunteer at the Wounded Warrior Games for the last 2 years and hopefully again this year.

Lester Lim

Excellent Job from Start to Finish

Triton did an excellent job from start to finish. The inspection was done in a timely manner. The quote was accurate. And the roofing job was finished on time and within budget. I'd recommend Triton roofing to everyone!

Sue Robin

Prepared and Capable

Removed 3 old layers of shingles and installed a complete new layer of shingle. The company policed up all the old shingles and residue and removed it from my property. The whole process from start to finish went without any problem at all. This company was not the least expensive but they were the most professional of three I received estimates from. The gentleman that came to my house and presented my proposal was totally prepared. He had with him all the required paperwork (license, insurance etc) that I needed to look at to determine that he was a legitimate contractor and capable of doing the job.

Sam Slaughter

Work Was Completed Quickly

All gutters were replaced, existing downspouts were reinstalled (some of which were relocated for better drainage. Overall, the experience was excellent. I especially appreciated how the Triton rep, Neekoh, came out to be with me when the insurance company estimator arrived to assess overall damage to my property following a especially damaging hailstorm. While assessing the roof, Neekoh suggested that the gutters also be replaced. The estimator readily agreed, which astonished and pleased me greatly. I wouldn't have had the chutzpah to ask for that. Triton was able to install almost the same color as the original, which made it easier to paint to match the house trim. The work was scheduled and completed very quickly. Communication was very good, keeping me informed of installation date, etc.

Bruce Hinson

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